Wednesday, December 22, 2010

[Tag] Q&A

Salam malam ols. Pe cer hari ni? Hari ni takda cer sangat nak storymori. Hehehe.. Tapi tetap nak update sebab semalam dah coti berupdate kan.. Ada idea nak update masa tengah berblogwalking, singgah kat blog Brader Qamarguyz n tengok ada pulak tag cam menarik. Tanpa berlengah, aku pun mintak hizin la nak tag diri sendiri ..hahahahahah Tak malu kan..kehkehekh.. 

Instruction : once you are tagged, answer all the questions honestly

Name : 
RerameUngu, Rerame, Ungu

Full name : Izati
Sibling(s): 5. Im the eldest
Eye Color : Brown
Shoe size :
7-8, it depends..(boleh eh.hahaha) 
Height : 164cm
What are you wearing right now : 
T shirt n pants
Favourite number : 6
Favourite drink :  Ice Lemon Tea
Favourite month : June
Where do you live : Seremban
Hair : Black
Favourite breakfast : Cocoa drink with oatmeal biscuits

-Have you ever-

Broken a bone :
Been in a police car : Never
Fallen for a boy in a short period of time : YEsss...heheheheh..
Fallen asleep in school : Never as i can recall..
Broken someone's heart : Yes..but he deserve that..
Cried when someone died : Yess
Swam in the ocean : Yups..
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : Yes...used to be ..
Saved e-mails : Depends on the type of emel n attachments
Been cheated on : Multiple time n hate it sooooo very the much..


Your room look like :
Like a room, of course
What is right beside you : now? my water bottle
What is the last thing you ate : i ate pistachio nut

-Ever Had-

Chicken pox : Yups..8 years back..
Sore throat : The worst is 9 years back..not even a sound come out from my mouth..that bad..huh
Stitches : Never..

-Do You-

Believe in love at first sight :
I think so..
Like picnics? : Absolutely...

Who did you last yell at? :
Cant remember
Who was the last person you danced with? : Dance with?? Never.
Who last made you smile? : Cant remember..i smile a lot..hahaha...

-Final Questions-
(yeah righhtt)
What are you listening to right now? :
Listening to the TV? hehehehe
What did you do today? : Working
Are you the oldest? : Yes..
Indoors or outdoors? : Both are fine with depends on my mood that time.. mostly prefers outdoors

-Last person who-

You talked to on the phone ? : My aunt
Made you cry? : Irdina..
You went to the mall with ? : My aunt.
Who cheered you up ? : Nobody

-Have you-

Been to Mexico ? :
Been to USA ? : Nope


Have a crush on someone? :
Yess..long time agoo.
What books are you reading right now? : Novels..
Best feeling in the world? : Happy??
Future kids name? : Crossed my mind few times, but i prefer to keep it personal for now..hehehehe
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? : Nooo
What's under your bed? : Not sure..habuk kot..
Favourite sports :
Favourite place : Neach n waterfall
Who do you really hate? : Ppl who lied to me
Do you have a job? : Yess
What time is it now? : 20:46

Hohoho. .Finally.. Hehehehehe.. Saja suka suka sebab takda idea nak update ape kan.. Lagipun lama tak buat tag ni..

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