Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Life....

A Day of My Life

Get up early morning, get ready to work..
Take my breakfast, and shoot up to work.

Arrive at the office, 1st thing to do is on the PC and check for the invitation.
Arrange for the site visit and tender closing.
Morning hours is quite a busy hours.

Afternoon, fighting with the tender if got. =)
And go to eat n rest a while.

After lunch, time to update the documents regarding tender n projects.
Leave the office at 1800hrs. More or less..hehe

Go back home. 
Arrive at home, relax for a while and take shower etc., eat n watch TV.
Sleep before 00:00..if possible..


Half day work. Routine as usual it just that no site visit and tender to arrange.
Update tender and projects documents.

1300hrs: Go back. Not to home..To somewhere..
Well, its weekend right..Time to ease a bit...

Rest time at home and do all house chores.
Watching TV and etc.
Or, go outing again..

Well, that are quite of my activities..
Heheh...It will change according time..

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