Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Operation Postponed

I got the news last night. Suddenly the operation that supposed to be held today morning at 9.00am was postponed. This is due the lungs has shrink. I also was shocked when i got the news. But anything are possible. She's still a baby rite.Hmm...I just don't know what else to do besides pray pray and pray for her healthiness. At least she is able to go for the operation. Hope that her condition will be fine so that can continue with the procedures. 

As of my aunt said, during the operation, the heart will be stop and just depends on the life support machine and oxygen machine. Its quite a tough procedure as the doctors will try to re-locate the veins to where it supposed to be. Its 1:1mil. cases and a very rare case. 

I hope and pray she will be strong enough to fight. Flashing one by one how she response when we play with her. When I change her and give her bath and such...Missed her so much. Miss to play with her again. To kiss her, to hold her....Lucky that I have her pictures in my phone..=) 

I just cant believe she had to go with this things. Whatever it is I have to think positive out of it. It's a fate and maybe there are hikmah that we can't see right now. 

I hope my aunt will be strong enough to face this thing. I wish I could be there with her now. But I also have responsibility to my job right?? Anyway, I will be with her during the operation time. Meantime, I will try to finish my job as much as I can..=)  

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