Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Perkembangan Baby

I just received a call from one of my aunt saying that Baby Irdina will go for operation TOMORROW..The doctor said that her chance to survive is about 40% to 50 %......I was out of words for a moment...Now she's in the ICU for quarantine before the operation at 9 am tomorrow..I really hope and pray for he to be ok again.

Kepada kawan, tolong doakan baby yer...Peluang 50-50...Memang kene bedah jugak no matter what. Kalau x bedah cepat, baby kemungkinan x dpt survive. The longest maybe 2 or 3 weeks live.. Mungkin pembedahan besar sebab perlu pindahkan saluran darah ke jantung tu from left to right or vice versa sth. Im not sure where it supposed to be..But watever it is, the doctor said small chances..I hope not..

Baby memang kuat...She is strong....I know she is...And she will...Lets just pray for her k.. I'm asking from the heart and on behalf of my family and her family as well..

Thanks guys...

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