Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ha Ha Ha and Hahahah...

Hahahahaha and hahahaha...Tomorrow is public holiday...And, Im on leave as well.. but unfortunately on Saturday i will come back to work..Again..Hmmm...
Whatever it is, I want to really enjoy my leave tomorrow..Bukan senang company ni nak declare cuti on public holiday..Hahah..Weird? No lah..Normal things here.

Hmm, what should i do tomorrow ek? Still planning the simplest yet enjoyable things to do...Never mind..hmm..Maybe I should go for karaoke..Dah lame x lepas gian nih...hahahahhehe..Or maybe enjoy watching TV at home...There must be a lot of great shows..Hahah..

Ooops..Before its too late just want to wish those who celebrating X'mas, Merry X'mas...have a wonderful and delightful day ahead of u...

Ok, c u in next entry..or perhaps on Saturday..Tata for now..


  1. muahaha~~~ suke yek bile pulic holiday...;P

  2. Sue: dah blik dah ni..heheh..

    Nina: alamak, lambta la plak tau..kot x leh alamanda smalam..hehehe

    Yuse: suker sesangaaat...sbb bese time org len public I keje..hehehe...


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