Tuesday, December 22, 2009

QUick Update

Here are some updates before I leave this evening..Heheh..

1) Just got the news from my aunt saying that Irdina is getting better and maybe can be discharge tomorrow..ALhamdulillah. And also big thanks to my frens who prays for Irdina. Thanks a lot guys. Your doa' has been granted..heheh..But she will be quarantine for quite a sumtimes. Its ok for me, but for sure I will miss her badly...Huhuhu..Baby, take care..Mmuah..!

2) Hahahaha..I finish my work for today....Lalalallal~~~~

3) I think, that's all..Im going back...hahahah

Baby comey..Cayang adikkk..Mmuah..

ps: tata for now...


  1. Rerame~~~ I'll pray for Irdina's health... Emm, nape x letak skali gambar doll yg rerame beli tu...???

  2. Waaaa tahniah untuk Baby Irdina ... akhirnya dah makin sihat .

  3. amin.. moga2 baby semakin sihat~

  4. Yusenze: thanks yus..mana ada beli doll la...kite blikan dia yang permainan pusing2 kat baby cot tu jek..hehehe...

    touya: thanks touya...=)

    nina: amiin..thanks..

  5. bagus lah dia makin sihat...
    hehehehe...siap ada duit lg kt baju

  6. heheh...tu la psl..ibu dia punya keje la tu..


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