Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Hi ols..Hmm, what happen to me lately?? Why must I have this kind of feeling??

Its been 2 days I dont really have the mood to do my work here. And most of all I feel like boring having my life now. No sparking at all. I need challenging things to do. But seems I cant have it here..

I want to search for other job. Yeah yeah..I know its been a while I talk about this job searching, but here I am again. In this office..Huh, I just don't know..!! Hopefully I will have new job by mid year of 2010..Hehe
The far the workplace from here the better..I need to get away and have time for my own self.

Ps: Im tired!!


  1. haahlah kan kdg2 boring buat keje yg same aje......

  2. i'm also tired..
    i want some fun........woooooooooo

  3. me too...I want some fun....Huh...when can i really get the fun..huh..

    kf: tu la psl..lagi lak aku cepat boring...

  4. maybe it's time 4 change.. utk kepuasan, better buat benda yg kita minat.. ~,<

  5. maybe I should...

    Thanks morris..

  6. sometime i hate myself.. lalalallala

  7. u will see a good job one day.. trust it

  8. nina: i do feel that somtimes..

    dide: thank u..let hope so..i just cant wait the one day..huhu

  9. Rerame... tabahkan hati... ngeee~~~

  10. tabah la dlm goyah ni..

    tp x tau smpai bila


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